4th of April 2013

This event tends to simulate the experience of a real trading environment. It will recapture all the intensity, endurance, energy, and fun on the trading floor. The only difference is that the winning team takes it all.


  1. 10:30 Check in - find your team seat. Technical checks and rules review
  2. 10:50 Market Briefing - hosts and sponsors debate trends of the day
  3. 11:00 Opening Bell 
  4. 13:00 Refill - lunch and energy drinks on the go
  5. 16:30 Final count down - Market wrap and last trades to be executed. Last chance to win
  6. 17:00 Winner ceremony - 1st and 2nd place rewards
  7. 18:00 FinanceBar - Buy and sell AlcoStocks priced according to demand and supply in the bar

We start out discussing trading strategies and at the end of the day, markets will be the judge. — Katalin Szokolai, International Business

An amazing day! Feels like your on a real trading floor — Frederik Soegaard, Master student in finance

Final count down was fun! You never know who's taking the lead from you. — Poul Kotiah, CBS HA Almen